Car Massage Cushion

  • Dhs. 134.90

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Vehicle household cervical massage machine / car massage cushion cushion / massage cushion
12V safe voltage stabilized power supply, microcomputer control, 8 kinds of massage mode free exchange, 5-30 minutes timing adjustable, automatic shutdown, multi-functional omni-directional vibration massage, car room dual-purpose, portable, recumbent.
Operation and usage:
1. power on, press the power button (ON/OFF) to start the machine.
2. according to (Function), choose 1-8 massage methods, you can switch around.
3. press (Timer), select 15 minutes and 30 minutes of working hours, then turn off automatically.
4. according to (Intensity), the third gear can be adjusted.
5. press (Heat), heating indicator light, heating.

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